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The hunt for the brain-eating amoebas of Yellowstone.

It was a lovely September day in Yellowstone’s Boiling River and although no one here has ever fallen victim to Naegleria fowleri, signs posted onshore warn swimmers: This thing can ruin your day, and most likely your life. Wired

Artificial sweeteners are being used to detect polluted water.

Low-cal additives are finding a place in pollution control — even as scientists dig into whether they are pollutants in their own right. Ensia

Toxic firefighting chemicals 'the most seminal public health challenge.'

A U.S. environmental official says PFAS chemicals found in firefighting foam are contaminating water supplies. The Guardian

PFAS contamination: Fishermen still not consulted after being forced to cease work in Victorian wetland.

A Victorian commercial fishing family says it has still yet to be consulted by the Department of Defence about PFAS contamination in a Gippsland wetland which has led to a fishing ban. ABC News Online, Australia

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Menominee Tribe seeks stricter federal oversight in Michigan mine fight.

Brian Bienkowski

In its continued fight against a mine near sacred waters, the Menominee Indians of Wisconsin want stronger federal regulations to apply as officials weigh the final permit for mine approval. Environmental Health News

17 million in US live near active oil or gas wells.

More than 17 million people in the United States live within a mile of an active oil or natural gas well, according to a new study. Daily Climate

Science: Pay attention to two other messages in the breakthrough BPA water treatment paper.

It's plausible no living multi-cellular organism on this planet is BPA-free. And the levels we're living with could be causing harm. Environmental Health News

BPA breakthrough: New treatment takes controversial chemical out of water.

Researchers report rapid removal of BPA from water using green chemistry. Environmental Health News


Mr. Trump outdoes himself in picking a conflicted regulator.

The nominee to lead the E.P.A. chemicals office is a threat to public health. more…

Fire-fighting chemicals and drinking water.

The PFAS saga is not just an issue for those who live near the Williamtown RAAF base and other hot spots around the nation. more…

It's time to clean up Lunenburg Harbour.

Come on, you governments of Canada, Nova Scotia and Lunenburg. It’s time you started acting together to seriously deal with what the noses of residents and the bacteria counts of scientists have been telling us this summer about Lunenburg Harbour. more…

Drugs in water

What if DuPont had gone green in North Carolina?

DuPont never ramped up a greener production technique that the company licensed from UNC that might have reduced demand for chemicals like GenX years ago. North Carolina Health News, North Carolina

Study: Rain and snow can transport chemicals to Minnesota's lakes, rivers.

A new study offers an explanation to the mystery of why pharmaceuticals and other chemicals are found in remote Minnesota lakes, far from developed land that would create contaminated runoff. Minnesota Public Radio, Minnesota

VIDEO: Study finds mood-altering drugs, like Zoloft, in fish.

It's hard to say suicidal shrimp without laughing. But researchers at the University of Buffalo and Buffalo State say the drugs humans are taking are taking a toll on wildlife. New York WHEC TV, New York

Antidepressant drugs end up in Great Lakes fish.

Scientists say antidepressants could change the ecosystem. Detroit Free Press, Michigan

California drought

Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa fires ravage Northern California's wine country, killing 10 and forcing evacuations.

Tens of thousands of acres are burning in Napa and Sonoma, where homes — and some wineries — have been destroyed. Washington Post

What California and the West can learn from recent catastrophic floods.

The world watched the tragic flooding in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean. U.C. Davis’ Nicholas Pinter says the shocking events should spur states like California to think about and improve their own flood management. Water Deeply

Idaho engineer to bring fresh eyes to Maryland's Chesapeake Bay research.

Peter Goodwin has spent much of his career engineering ways to restore salmon populations in dammed Pacific Northwest rivers or analyzing the downstream effects of water supply management decisions in drought-stressed California. Baltimore Sun, Maryland

With drought restrictions long gone, California keeps conserving water.

Although there’s been some uptick in consumption since mandatory water conservation measures were lifted in April, many parts of the state continue to conserve. Water Deeply

California's forests continue to die after years of drought.

California's record drought is officially over. But trees are still dying across the state because they were so badly weakened by years without water. All Things Considered, NPR


State’s own evidence shows tunnels project will harm fish.

The Brown administration is denying scientific evidence when it comes to the impact that the proposed Delta tunnels project would have on endangered species and fisheries, says scientist Jonathan Rosenfield of The Bay Institute. more…

These food and beverage companies are leading on conservation.

There is a growing awareness about water risk for businesses in the food and beverage industry. more…

Jane Goodall: "Giving up hope won't save the planet. Ending poverty might."

We haven't inherited this planet from our parents; we've borrowed it from our children. more…

Fracking and water

NT Indigenous leaders tell Prime Minister to back off over fracking.

Indigenous leaders from across the Northern Territory are calling on the Gunner Government to not give in to pressure from the Prime Minister by overturning its fracking moratorium. ABC News Online, Australia

Interfaith group addresses climate change.

Interfaith Power and Light, a nonprofit organization represented in 40 states, including North Carolina, and Washington, D.C., has become a leading nationwide faith-based player in the climate change debate. Coastal Review, North Carolina

As fracking lawsuits draw to a close, a look back at what happened in Dimock.

Few had heard of Dimock, Pa., until the award-winning 2010 documentary Gasland launched a massive environmental movement to oppose fracking. Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania

Dimock residents 'relieved' as deal ends contamination case.

A yearslong battle over water contamination in the Marcellus Shale town of Dimock, Pa., has finally reached its end - in a confidential legal settlement. EnergyWire

Feds say it's "inappropriate" to calculate greenhouse gas emissions from controversial Florida pipeline.

A federal appeals court had ordered Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to address the climate change impact of the Sabal Trail Pipeline. Tampa Bay Times, Florida

Far away from any witnesses, my small town is being poisoned by fracking waste.

In a tiny south-eastern Ohio town in the Appalachian foothills, the Hazel Ginsburg Well is holding waste from out-of-state fracking operations - a sludge of toxic chemicals and undrinkable water. The Guardian

Lawsuit seeks to stop fracking in Nevada.

Environmentalists have sued a U.S. agency to try to stop it from allowing oil and gas drilling on a vast stretch of federal land in Nevada, where the government is reversing protections put in place nine months ago under the Obama administration. Associated Press

NC fracking commission plans illegal meeting to hear moratorium challenges, state says.

The state’s Oil & Gas Commission appears ready to put fracking back on the political radar, in defiance of a warning that the commission lacks the legal authority to conduct state business. Raleigh News & Observer, North Carolina

Loss of glacial water

Solutions and Good News

Minnesota lakes holding their own against pollution.

Billions in spending aiding the fight against threats like runoff, warming climate. Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota

VIDEO: See the moment Bruno Mars announced his surprise $1 million Flint donation.

The crowd erupted with elation as Bruno Mars made a surprise announcement he will donate $1 million to help the victims of the Flint water crisis. Muskegon Chronicle, Michigan

Programs filling growing number of jobs created by stormwater rules.

Good career opportunity, plus a chance to do good, attracts trainees. Chesapeake Bay Journal, Pennsylvania

Paris plunge: Daily queues after city opens cleaned-up canal to swimmers.

Free swimming at La Villette is first step in Paris’s efforts to reopen some of its murky waterways to casual bathers, and the Seine could be next. The Guardian

Water quantity

How big water projects helped trigger Africa’s migrant crisis.

Major dam and irrigation projects are drying up the wetlands that sustain life in the arid Sahel region of Africa. The result has been a wave of environmental refugees. Yale Environment 360

Interior clears California project with friends in high places.

The Trump administration has cleared the way for a controversial project that would suck groundwater from under Southern California's Mojave Desert and sell it to water providers. Greenwire

Will Northern California soon have Southern California's climate?

The Napa Valley wildfires are eerily similar to those that often flare up near Los Angeles. The Atlantic

Portugal's government faces no-confidence vote over forest fires.

A Portuguese opposition party launched a motion of no-confidence in the Socialist government on Tuesday over its failure to prevent the loss of human lives in this week’s lethal wildfires, the second such disaster in four months. Reuters

As drought makes harvests uncertain, Kenya’s farmers mull a seed change.

Using imported seed, "you are not sure if you will harvest enough to offset the costs" - so local seed is gaining ground, farmers say. Thomson Reuters Foundation

Water quality

Puerto Rican families draw water from Superfund site.

Past water tests at the site have shown the presence of potentially harmful industrial solvents. Washington Post

Editor comments: Climate-related weather disasters are driving health concerns in Puerto Rico (Superfund water), Texas (petrochemical spills) and California (toxic air). -JPM

EPA cleanup plan for Houston Superfund site opposed by industry.

The San Jacinto waste pits were flooded during Hurricane Harvey. EPA and industry differ on how to minimize contaminant risk. Circle of Blue

Nearly half of the 102 Superfund homes in East Chicago tested by EPA had lead paint. Whose job is it to remove?

An agency spokesperson said they have no plans to remove it because such activity is outside the authority of the agency's Superfund program. Northwest Indiana Times, Indiana

Report spotlights nitrate contamination in drinking water across the US.

Some recent research suggests that, over the long term, drinking water with nitrates at just half the U.S. limit raises cancer risks for children and adults. FairWarning

Raw sewage contaminating waters in Puerto Rico after Maria.

Raw sewage is pouring into the rivers and reservoirs of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Associated Press

Environmental justice and water

'Lead in my bones': Living a contaminated life in East Chicago.

The NAACP kicked off an initiative in East Chicago to teach children how to test their soil, water and air for lead. Indianapolis Star, Indiana

Truth is, conflicting water studies are stressing out some in Flint.

Researchers admit their findings need to be reviewed and replicated by others before anyone can claim to be closer to the truth about the effect tainted water had on some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. Detroit Free Press, Michigan

In Puerto Rico, a daily struggle for water and food.

People in poor communities hit hard by the hurricane are rationing their food, water and propane, and hospitals are trying to operate on shaky power supplies. InsideClimate News

California mobile home park residents face barriers to clean water.

Study finds more frequent service cuts and dirtier water in trailer parks. Circle of Blue

EPA warns Puerto Ricans to stop drinking water from Superfund sites, but everything's fine!

t's been three weeks since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, and conditions are deteriorating due to a pervasive lack of access to food, water, and electricity. Some residents in Puerto Rico have little recourse left than to seek out water supplies at wells located on the island's Superfund sites. Mashable

Judge deals blow to tribes in Dakota Access pipeline ruling.

The judge refused to shut down the oil pipeline during an environmental review. Lawyers pointed to a ‘historic pattern of putting all the risk and harm on tribes.’ InsideClimate News

State: Water crisis didn’t affect Flint birth outcomes.

A state health department analysis released Tuesday on birth outcomes in Flint found “no significant differences” before and after the city switched its water source — contrary to a study released last month by researchers in Kansas and West Virginia. Detroit News, Michigan

Endocrine disruption and water

Desperate Puerto Ricans are drinking water from a hazardous-waste site.

In Puerto Rico, water is being pumped to people by water authorities from a federally designated hazardous-waste site. CNN

Editor comments: Climate-related weather disasters are driving health concerns in Puerto Rico (Superfund water), Texas (petrochemical spills) and California (toxic air). -JPM

Wolverine landfill neighbors threaten lawsuit to force cleanup.

Neighbors of a Wolverine World Wide tannery waste dump are threatening a lawsuit that could force the company to clean up the toxic landfill at the center of an expanding groundwater contamination investigation near Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids Press, Michigan

What to know about toxic Wolverine dump sites and drinking water.

The international Hush Puppies shoe brand has left a toxic footprint in neighborhoods north of Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids Press, Michigan

Minnesota has 2,669 troubled bodies of water, draft list says.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is proposing to add more lakes and streams to the state's list of impaired waters. Minnesota Public Radio, Minnesota

DowDuPont, Chemours named in GenX lawsuit.

Lawyers have filed a class-action lawsuit charging Chemours and its former parent DowDuPont with contaminating drinking water in Wilmington, N.C., with the fluoropolymer processing aid GenX. Chemical & Engineering News