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In their own words: Oral histories of California farmworkers.

Journalist Gabriel Thompson collected the stories of 17 farmworkers who share the day-to-day struggles of life in the fields. Civil Eats

Undermanned EPA delays action on lead in drinking water.

Even after the Flint scandal reawakened the nation to the dangers posed by lead drinking water pipes, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency appears to be in no rush to strengthen federal health standards. Circle of Blue

Trump’s first list of science priorities ignores climate—and departs from his own budget request.

The memo lists five priority areas (in this order): military superiority, security, prosperity, energy dominance, and health. Each is prefaced by the word “American” in keeping with the administration’s approach to branding issues. Science

Military bases' contamination will affect water for generations.

Little remains of the former George Air Force Base but rows of dilapidated houses, a dismantled military hospital and dangerous chemicals from pesticides, jet fuels and other hazardous wastes that have poisoned the water for decades. News21

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Science: Pay attention to two other messages in the breakthrough BPA water treatment paper.

It's plausible no living multi-cellular organism on this planet is BPA-free. And the levels we're living with could be causing harm. Environmental Health News

Commentary: Breaking the breaking news cycle.

Fox News

A modest proposal to go back to the days when "Breaking News" was the stuff that could actually break us. Environmental Health News

BPA breakthrough: New treatment takes controversial chemical out of water.

Researchers report rapid removal of BPA from water using green chemistry. Environmental Health News

Reflections upon the death of a hero, Dr. Herbert Needleman.

David Bellinger

The passing of a great doctor and a fine American who shined a light on the injustice of lead poisoning. Environmental Health News

Walking the Line: A two-week journey on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Zoe Krylova

Opponents walk the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline path through five Virginia counties to celebrate what’s at risk. Daily Climate


New climate change report likely to be ignored to death.

The scientific argument about climate change is over. It’s silly to deny it. It’s shameful to know it and ignore it. more…

Army should pay its share for Superfund site cleanup.

It is clear that the National Guard was a primary contributor to the problem, and should also contribute to the cleanup. more…


Records show EPA efforts to slow herbicide review came in coordination with Monsanto.

Newly released government email communications show a persistent effort by multiple officials within the Environmental Protection Agency to slow a separate federal agency’s safety review of Monsanto’s top-selling herbicide. HuffPost

National parks put a ban on bottled water to ease pollution. Trump just sided with the lobby that fought it.

The Trump administration has ended a six-year-old ban on selling bottled water at some national parks that was aimed at easing plastic pollution and the huge amount of waste being recycled. Washington Post

Video: Toxic Taps: Meet California’s newest water contaminant.

In the fourth video in our “Toxic Taps” series, we explain what happens now that California has finally regulated a carcinogen, 1,2,3-trichloropropane, that has been contaminating groundwater for decades. Water Deeply


We saved the whale. The same vision can save the planet.

Hope alone won’t halt climate change but Al Gore’s latest film highlights the role optimism can play. more…

Can a crowdsourced mega-forest offset Trump’s climate chaos?

It's an appealing idea, a vast forest to soak up the extra carbon released due to Trump's policies, but it may not be so easy in reality. more…


Cold food, hot air.

EPA helps supermarkets switch to refrigerants that save money and lessen global warming. ClimateWire

Air getting cleaner at Los Angeles, Long Beach ports, reports show.

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach reduced pollution while moving more cargo last year, according to new reports released this week. Long Beach Press-Telegram, California

Air pollution ups stress hormones, alters metabolism.

Breathing dirty air causes stress hormones to spike, new research suggests, which could help explain why long-term exposure to pollution is associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and a shorter life span. Reuters Health

Mapping West Oakand pollution, block by block.

West Oakland has had an air pollution problem for years, and it’s taken a toll on residents. San Francisco KALW Public Radio, California

Solutions and Good News

Renewable energy isn’t just cutting costs, it’s saving lives.

A new study shows that renewables, particularly solar and wind energy, have significantly improved air quality in the United States from 2007 to 2015. The increased use of solar and wind resulted in thousands of lives saved. Futurism

Groups around the city pitch in to keep your kitchen waste out of landfills.

City-backed projects and grassroots gardens are collaborating on the city’s Zero Waste composting goal. New York City Limits

VIDEO: See the moment Bruno Mars announced his surprise $1 million Flint donation.

The crowd erupted with elation as Bruno Mars made a surprise announcement he will donate $1 million to help the victims of the Flint water crisis. Muskegon Chronicle, Michigan

Paper or plastic? Chicago bag tax is encouraging shoppers to say 'neither.'

Chicago's ban on disposable plastic bags wound up on the trash heap. But the bag tax that replaced it is nudging Chicagoans to kick, or at least curtail, their use of the plastic sacks. Chicago Tribune, Illinois

Women's health

Why women of color are being exposed to harmful chemicals in beauty products.

New research published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology confirms that women of color are being exposed to higher levels of beauty-product-derived chemicals like mercury, steroids and hormone-disruptors than white women, most likely because of racist beauty ideals. Elle

Women of colour are being exposed to more toxic chemicals in their beauty products than white women, says new research.

According to a report published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, women of colour are coming into contact with more toxic chemicals than white women. London Metro, United Kingdom

Working to close the breast-feeding gap.

Black women are less likely to nurse their babies than whites and Hispanics. Organizations are trying to change that, both online and in person. New York Times

Can endocrine disruptors elevate risk of breast cancer?

Research suggests chemicals in the environment might help breast cancer grow. US News & World Report

We still don’t know if the Flint water crisis caused miscarriages.

For more than a year now, two studies have been looking at miscarriages in Flint during the water crisis. But we still don't have good answers for moms. Michigan Public Radio, Michigan

Environmental justice

Enbridge Line 3 options all would hurt American Indians, report says.

Enbridge's route and four alternative paths would all have disproportionately negative effects on American Indians in northern Minnesota. Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota

Court lets Exxon off hook for pipeline spill in Arkansas neighborhood.

'Despite adherence to safety guidelines and regulations, oil spills still do occur,' the court said in overturning several violations against the oil giant. InsideClimate News

Troubled Water: Industrial waste pollutes America’s drinking water.

Manufacturing, mining and waste disposal companies and dozens of others provide millions of jobs and services to Americans, but they are also among the country’s worst water polluters. News21

An environmental threat: The East Chicago lead crisis one year later.

It has been more than a year since Mayor Anthony Copeland informed more than 1,000 West Calumet Housing Complex residents it was in their "best interest to temporarily relocate" because of contaminated soil. Northwest Indiana Times, Indiana

Researchers estimate lead released from Flint water pipes.

Lack of orthophosphate corrosion control contributed to city’s water crisis, according to new analysis. Chemical & Engineering News

How to help 55 million people out of food deserts.

Programs provide easier access to fresh, healthful foods to low-income neighbors. Yes! Magazine


As Arctic sea ice disappears, 2,000 walruses mob remote Alaska beach.

The 'haul out' of Pacific walruses along the Alaska coast is the earliest known and comes as global temperatures and loss of sea ice near records. InsideClimate News

Hilcorp’s Arctic offshore drilling plan advances, but impact statement cites concerns.

The federal environmental impact statement moves the project ahead but cites concerns about effects on climate change, marine life and local communities. InsideClimate News

Governor urges Trump to drop Virginia from offshore drilling plan.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe urged the Trump administration to exclude his state from a federal offshore oil and gas drilling plan, citing concerns about revenue sharing and environmental issues, in a letter that his office revealed on Thursday. Reuters