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Trump’s mine-safety nominee ran coal firm cited for illegal employment practices.

Records show the coal mining company formerly run by David Zatezalo retaliated against a foreman who complained of harassment and unsafe conditions. ProPublica

The hunt for the brain-eating amoebas of Yellowstone.

It was a lovely September day in Yellowstone’s Boiling River and although no one here has ever fallen victim to Naegleria fowleri, signs posted onshore warn swimmers: This thing can ruin your day, and most likely your life. Wired

Bristol Bay's Pebble Mine is back in play.

One of the most contentious environmental fights of the past 30 years is suddenly back in the news, now that EPA head Scott Pruitt is poised to withdraw measures protecting the bay's storied salmon runs. Outside

Johnson & Johnson wins reversal of $72 million verdict over talc cancer risks.

Johnson & Johnson on Tuesday won the reversal of a $72 million verdict in favor of the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer they claimed stemmed from her use of the company’s talc-based products like Johnson’s Baby Powder. Reuters

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Weed killer for breakfast.

Island Press

New book explores controversial weed killer, cancer and corrupt science. Environmental Health News

Pollution and stress at home combine to spur more hyperactivity.

Breathing dirty air and living in stress combine to increase the likelihood NYC kids will have a behavior disorder. Environmental Health News

UPDATE: TV News plays catch-up on the climate-hurricane link.


Cable News awakens. Sort of. Daily Climate

Fickle Nature: From too much hurricane to not enough ice in a few days.


Arctic ice cover reaches low (someone tell NASA). Daily Climate

Commentary: In TV hurricane coverage virtually no trace of the C-word.


For all of its A-plus, life-saving urgency in backing up evacuation efforts, TV news still can't bring itself to even ask the question. Daily Climate


Eye in the sky offers clearest vision of Earth.

The world’s latest carbon-monitoring satellite has advanced our understanding of how the planet functions. US politicians should take note. more…

Mr. Trump outdoes himself in picking a conflicted regulator.

The nominee to lead the E.P.A. chemicals office is a threat to public health. more…


Artificial sweeteners are being used to detect polluted water.

Low-cal additives are finding a place in pollution control — even as scientists dig into whether they are pollutants in their own right. Ensia

Toxic firefighting chemicals 'the most seminal public health challenge.'

A U.S. environmental official says PFAS chemicals found in firefighting foam are contaminating water supplies. The Guardian

Puerto Rican families draw water from Superfund site.

Past water tests at the site have shown the presence of potentially harmful industrial solvents. Washington Post

Editor comments: Climate-related weather disasters are driving health concerns in Puerto Rico (Superfund water), Texas (petrochemical spills) and California (toxic air). -JPM


The Sioux chef says we’re doing American cuisine all wrong.

Original North American foods and Native foodways are vital to creating a healthy and sustainable future. more…

Trump abandons efforts to clean up Utah's air.

Three million Utahns will be the victims if clean cars are run off the road by the clown car at the White House. more…


Napa fires make San Francisco air worse than Beijing, causing a run on masks.

Home Depot is sold out of face masks, people sleeping in shelters have bandanas tied around their faces. USA Today

Editor comments: Think health aftermath of 9-11.  Burning construction materials and household goods is likely to have lasting health consequences for residents and first responders. -JPM

California fires making more pollution than a year of traffic.

In just the past two days fires in California’s wine country are thought to have produced as much small particulate matter as all the vehicles in the state produce in a year. Reno Gazette-Journal, Nevada

Trump’s pro-coal agenda is a blow for clean air efforts at Texas' Big Bend park.

For decades Big Bend's stunning vistas have been compromised by poor air quality that Texas, working with the federal Environmental Protection Agency, is supposed to address. The Guardian

In cities, it's the smoke, not the fire, that will get you.

As climate-change fuels increasingly large and frequent wildfires that hit closer and closer to densely populated urban centers, the smoke they produce is becoming a public health crisis. Wired

Solutions and Good News

California enacts cleaning product law.

Makers of cleaning products sold in California will have to reveal ingredients online and on product labels, under a first-of-its-kind law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. Chemical & Engineering News

It takes a village to improve a community’s health.

Halifax County, North Carolina, had some of the lowest health rankings in the state. Alarmed by this, the community pulled together to start making major changes. North Carolina Health News, North Carolina

School food hero Betti Wiggins takes on Houston’s public schools.

The veteran nutrition director who reformed Detroit's school food takes on a new challenge in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Civil Eats

Minnesota's organic farming industry shows steady growth, USDA survey shows.

Minnesota ranks ninth nationally in organic production and sales with double-digit growth that mirrors trends around the country. Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota

Women's health

Members of Congress want a federal audit of the official Puerto Rico death toll.

“The American people deserve to know what’s happening to their fellow US citizens in Puerto Rico.” Vox

Claims filing begins in WV water crisis settlement.

Thousands of Kanawha Valley residents, businesses and workers now can file claims to receive their share of the $151 million settlement of the class-action lawsuit over the January 2014 water crisis. Charleston Gazette-Mail, West Virginia

Hurricane Maria death toll rises in Puerto Rico.

The confirmed death toll in Puerto Rico rose to 43 nearly three weeks after Hurricane Maria wrecked the island. PBS NewsHour

Low prenatal exposures to fluoride: Are there neurotoxic risks for children?

A new study in Environmental Health Perspectives examines risks of exposure to prenatal fluoride at concentrations typical of the general population. Environmental Health Perspectives

Trading old hazards for new?

PFOA has been phased out, but what are industries using in its place? Hill Country Observer, New York

Editor comments: We risk "regrettable substitutions” when the specific chemical identities of substances presumed to be safer are unknown. -LP

Environmental justice

As fires move on, wine country wonders whether immigrants will, too.

Many of the foreign-born workers the region depends on are undocumented and do not qualify for most disaster aid. They may struggle to find affordable housing. New York Times

Fish blood in their veins — but few salmon in their river.

This fall, the number of chinook salmon making their way from the ocean up the Klamath River in the far northwest corner of California is the lowest on record. That’s devastating news for the Yurok tribe. California Report, California Food & Environment Reporting Network

'Lead in my bones': Living a contaminated life in East Chicago.

The NAACP kicked off an initiative in East Chicago to teach children how to test their soil, water and air for lead. Indianapolis Star, Indiana

Truth is, conflicting water studies are stressing out some in Flint.

Researchers admit their findings need to be reviewed and replicated by others before anyone can claim to be closer to the truth about the effect tainted water had on some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. Detroit Free Press, Michigan

In Puerto Rico, a daily struggle for water and food.

People in poor communities hit hard by the hurricane are rationing their food, water and propane, and hospitals are trying to operate on shaky power supplies. InsideClimate News

California mobile home park residents face barriers to clean water.

Study finds more frequent service cuts and dirtier water in trailer parks. Circle of Blue


Republicans may use budget to open Arctic, Atlantic to oil rigs.

Congressional Republicans have found a way to use the federal budget to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling— and they don’t plan on stopping there. Bloomberg News

This startup turns climate pollution into fish feed.

NovoNutrients wants to replace that fish food with something more sustainable: microbes grown with carbon dioxide. Fast Company

Gulf of Mexico oil spill may be largest since 2010 BP disaster.

The Delta House floating production facility southeast of Venice, Louisiana, released 7,950 to 9,350 barrels of oil making it the largest spill in more than seven years, even though it’s a fraction of the millions of barrels ejected in the 2010 incident. Bloomberg News