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Sperm count in Western men has dropped over 50 percent since 1973, paper finds.

The sperm count of men in Western countries has been declining precipitously with no signs of “leveling off,” according to new research. New York Times

Editor comments: Read more about possible causes here. -JPM

Can we feed the world with farmed fish?

New research suggests there is space on the open ocean to farm essentially all the seafood humans can eat — and then some. But such volumes of fish and shellfish could not be grown without costs. National Public Radio

Too much love? Glacier National Park deals with record numbers of visitors.

There are a lot of theories on what’s driving that growing interest in the park. Longtime campground host volunteers Russ Vance and Pamela Smith believe a lot of people are drawn to the park for a chance to see climate change at work. Missoulian, Montana

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Science: Are we in a male fertility death spiral?

Male sterility is a growing problem. Here's why you should be worried—and your kids should be terrified. Environmental Health News

Achieving sustainable and dignified life for all on an increasingly small planet.

It’s time to rethink our food system and acknowledge our responsibilities to renewal of resources and the rights of existence for all life forms on Earth. Environmental Health News

The Holocene climate experience.

The history of climate and human health gives us a glimpse of the dramatically amplified risks we face if present trends continue. Daily Climate


No kidding: In defense of the childless.

More and more Westerners have no kids. They should not be criticized for it. more…

Intuition harnessed in the name of particle packing.

From avalanches to pharmaceuticals, the physics of powders relies on a much-maligned talent. more…

The Trump administration’s birth control overhaul could do serious harm.

A draft of a proposed regulation would expand the religious exemption to the contraception coverage mandate. more…

Climate and population

In a rare US preserve, water pressures mount as development closes in.

The persistence of New Jersey’s Pinelands is no small feat in a state so top-heavy with industrial development and metropolitan sprawl. Yale Environment 360

The closest man to Trump is a stealth climate believer.

Step aside, Ivanka. When it comes to climate change, the biggest influence on President Donald Trump may turn out to be his new chief of staff, John Kelly. McClatchy Newspapers


Revitalize the world’s countryside.

Cities and villages are an organic whole. Both must be developed sustainably to support each other. more…

Contraceptual art.

I am saddened that we are driving species to extinction at a rate that is perhaps 1,000 times the normal rate. Will there still be tigers in the wild when our granddaughters are grown? more…

The Rising Storm: New book details connection between climate disasters, migration.

A new book on climate and migration predicts a future of "guards, guns and gates" unless we act soon. more…

Water and population

Climate change brings migration from the dry corridor to Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast.

If the impact of drought and poverty in the municipalities of the so-called Dry Corridor in Nicaragua continues pushing the agricultural frontier towards the Caribbean coast, by the year 2050 this area will have lost all its forests and nature reserves, experts predict. Inter Press Service

In China's murky waters, global sewage firms seek rewards.

Global sewage and water treatment firms are eyeing opportunities in an unsavory place: a growing pile of waste in China, the world's most populous nation. Reuters

Solutions and Good News

Children's Health and population

"Hidden" hunger crisis in Congo pushing it closer to famine.

Hunger in the Democratic Republic of Congo has soared in the last year, leaving 7.7 million people in urgent need of food aid and pushing the country closer to famine than it has been in a decade, food security experts said on Monday. Thomson Reuters Foundation

In Egypt, a rising sea — and growing worries about climate change's effects.

"In the winter, the sea attacks us," a fisherman says. "We are afraid the village will sink into the sea." Weekend Edition, NPR

Refugees of a different kind are being displaced by rising seas — and governments aren't ready.

Sea levels are on the rise, displacing entire populations and stirring fears for 'climate refugees' that must relocate. CNBC

No sanctuary, fewer farmhands: How Dairyland suffers under Trump agenda.

Wisconsin farmers say the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown is making it harder to find workers for one of the state’s largest industries and the core of its Cheesehead identity, dairy production. Center for Investigative Reporting

Food and population

India's new coastal law threatens Mumbai's ancient fishing villages.

Fishermen say changes will lead to environmental damage, displace coastal communities and hurt the livelihoods of millions who depend on the sea for their survival. Thomson Reuters Foundation

Loss of fertile land fuels ‘looming crisis’ across Africa.

Climate change, soil degradation and rising wealth are shrinking the amount of usable land in Africa. But the number of people who need it is rising fast. New York Times

With urban grit and pink lights, London warehouse farms fish and greens.

As two thirds of the global population are forecast to live in cities by 2050, compared with about half now, urban planners and policymakers are increasingly looking to agriculture in towns and cities as a solution to provide nutritious food. Thomson Reuters Foundation

For refugees, cooking provides path to security.

Companies like EatOffBeat and Hot Bread Kitchen are helping resettled immigrants bring the flavors of their nations to U.S. menus. Civil Eats

Thirsty city: After months of water rationing Nairobi may run dry.

The rains have been poor while demand for water grows along with the city - there are solutions but they will mean radical action. The Guardian

Biodiversity and population

VIDEO: Hello Humanity, it’s me, Technology. We need to talk.

We rarely consider the negative impacts of technology on our most profound social and environmental problems, like climate change, overpopulation, and biodiversity loss. Post Carbon Institute

More than 1,000 people killed in India as human and wildlife habitats collide.

A deadly conflict is under way between India’s growing population and its wildlife confined to ever-shrinking forests and grasslands. Associated Press