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How a healthy economy can shorten life spans.

In general, prosperity brings better health. But economic booms are also associated with air pollution, stress and car accidents. New York Times

Transition sacred.

As Pope Francis has put it, we need an "ecological conversion." Resilience.org

The diplomat behind the Paris climate agreement says the world is moving forward without Donald Trump.

Christiana Figueres remains optimistic about tackling global warming. Sierra

Don’t consign poor countries to wild storms and flooding.

Wealthy nations caused the problem but are not doing enough to solve it. Newsweek

Top Opinions

Jobs bonanza? The Adani project is more like a railway to nowhere.

The Carmichael coal mine was once pitched as a choice between jobs and the environment. So where are the jobs? more…

The Sioux chef says we’re doing American cuisine all wrong.

Original North American foods and Native foodways are vital to creating a healthy and sustainable future. more…

Trump abandons efforts to clean up Utah's air.

Three million Utahns will be the victims if clean cars are run off the road by the clown car at the White House. more…

Even China is tackling climate change, while US takes a back seat.

Beijing sees an interconnected world where environmental sustainability is crucial to maintaining political support, global stability and economic growth. more…

State’s own evidence shows tunnels project will harm fish.

The Brown administration is denying scientific evidence when it comes to the impact that the proposed Delta tunnels project would have on endangered species and fisheries, says scientist Jonathan Rosenfield of The Bay Institute. more…

Energy and health

The EPA acts more like a friend and less like a regulator of utilities.

The EPA needs to listen to public concerns. It may learn something. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri

Mr. Trump nails shut the coffin on climate relief.

Ending goals to cut emissions from coal-fired power plants will be the most serious blow to President Obama’s legacy on global warming. New York Times

A dirty power plan.

Many states plan to maintain their own clean-air regulations. The N.C. legislature, unfortunately, won’t allow that here. Greensboro News & Record, North Carolina

Maine will suffer from EPA chief's pro-coal stand.

A warming climate and polluted air are all we have to gain from keeping dirty power plants running. Portland Press Herald, Maine

Breathe, Jakarta, breathe!

About 10 months before Indonesia welcomes the Asian Games back after 56 years, the government may have overlooked the necessity to clear Jakarta’s air amid its hectic preparations for the largest sports event after the Olympics. Jakarta Post, Indonesia

Rail company can store rail cars on its rails.

We can understand why environmental organizations and local politicians are concerned. But the railway is struggling to make money. Glens Falls Post Star, New York

Using the EPA to prop up Big Coal.

But practical-minded utility executives are still shutting down coal-fired plants. New York Times

Top Editorials

Eye in the sky offers clearest vision of Earth.

The world’s latest carbon-monitoring satellite has advanced our understanding of how the planet functions. US politicians should take note. more…

Mr. Trump outdoes himself in picking a conflicted regulator.

The nominee to lead the E.P.A. chemicals office is a threat to public health. more…

Health study in Sarnia’s ‘Chemical Valley’ is long overdue.

Sarnia and its environs are home to 57 polluters. Yet the government has never done a baseline study to see how residents are affected and its reporting system on chemical leaks appears lax. more…

Hurricane Ophelia: A warning on climate inertia.

Even if emissions are stabilised through international agreements, the worst effects of global warming have yet to be experienced. more…

Fire-fighting chemicals and drinking water.

The PFAS saga is not just an issue for those who live near the Williamtown RAAF base and other hot spots around the nation. more…


Grab a mop: Time to clean up after Christie on climate change.

Let's not forget that long before President Trump banned government agencies from using the term "climate change," that kind of official talk was gagged by our own governor. Newark Star-Ledger, New Jersey

Hurricanes, planes and regional security.

Global warming and climate change pose an existential threat to the small island developing and coastal states of the Caribbean, which brings with it potential for social and political instability and threats to national security. Kingston Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaica

Continued denial leaves Florida in climate change crosshairs.

People today increasingly feel free to believe whatever suits them and there are still some who believe the world is flat, the moon landings were faked and smoking doesn't cause cancer. South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Florida

Stop seismic testing off NC coast.

One environmental disaster in the form of some giant oil spill could wound, and seriously so, North Carolina’s economy on its cherished coast forever. Raleigh News & Observer, North Carolina

Follow Kenya's lead on plastic bags.

Kenya and more than 40 other countries have taxed, limited or banned plastic bags. The rest of the world should, too. New York Times

A pause.

On the topic of rebuilding Barbuda, our advice is that we do not rush to produce a ‘band-aid’ solution. If we do, we will be repeating these events in the future; with climate change, maybe sooner rather than later. St. Johns Antigua Observer, Antigua

There's no great answer for nuclear waste, but almost anything is better than perching it on the Pacific.

Better options certainly exist than continuing to hold more than 70,000 tons of nuclear fuel at facilities never intended for long-term storage, then hoping for the best. Los Angeles Times

Hurricanes keep coming, and our heads are stuck in the sand.

With every new natural disaster it becomes harder to understand how sensible people can deny the deadly reality and enormous cost of man-made climate change. Chicago Sun-Times, Illinois

Good News Editorials

Energy project shows promise, once connected to the grid.

In this era of fossil-fuel induced climate change, alternative energy projects should be the new way of doing business. Greenfield Recorder, Massachusetts

Great Lakes gets some great news.

Reclaiming the Great Lakes has been embraced as a priority for too long by too many — and with too many successes — to be abandoned now. Congress can make sure that doesn't happen. Duluth News Tribune, Minnesota

Butte Creek salmon story one to be cherished.

The Butte Creek salmon story is a rare one. Usually stories about fisheries in California are centered around a species that is disappearing. This one is about a species that is thriving. Chico Enterprise Record, California

Distorting Science

Why Tony Abbott’s climate snow job mistakes Australia for Europe.

Conservatives cheering climate change always ignore how Australia's economy will be among the hardest hit. The Guardian

Now even climate-change believers count as ‘deniers.'

Even if an opinion is wrong, debating it will teach more people what is right. And if the opinion is right, it offers an opportunity to exchange error for truth. Instead, we’re left with just one “right” way of thinking. New York Post, New York

Russia should love climate-change deniers.

Research suggests the country could gain from higher temperatures. Bloomberg View

Why the 97% climate consensus is important.

Some have argued that consensus messaging is counter-productive. Here’s why they’re wrong. The Guardian

Volkswagen cheated. Make them pay.

The U.S. has been swift enough to secure billions of dollars in fines from the company, as criminal and civil penalties for breaking environmental law. But our federal Environment Ministry has done nothing. Toronto Star, Ontario


Filters: A cigarette engineering hoax that harms both smokers and the environment.

Without filters, the number of lethal lung cancers may be reduced, more smokers would quit because of the harsh taste, and fewer young people would start smoking. The Conversation

It’s time to nix neonics.

If we care about the quality and security of our food sources — and the species and ecosystems they rely on—the time for neonics is over. Halifax Coast, Nova Scotia

These chemicals are bad for babies and whales: Why haven't they been banned in Canada?

A federal agency in the United States took action last month to ban an entire class of toxic flame retardants from being added to a wide variety of consumer products. It’s a first for the U.S. — and it could be done in Canada too. The Conversation


Should we be having fewer children for the sake of the planet?

Supporters’ contributions to our podcast on population and climate change show exactly why we need to talk about this issue. The Guardian

I’m an environmental journalist, but I never write about overpopulation. Here’s why.

The best ways to address population don’t necessarily involve talking about it at all. Vox

Puerto Rico: A potential experiment in degrowth?

I’m sure that some will criticize the insensitivity of the timing of this essay. How can you talk about Puerto Rico, climate change, and degrowth at this tragic time? Resilience.org

Why it’s time to stop calling these hurricane disasters 'natural.'

We must first recognize the phrase "natural disaster" for what it is: a sham we hide behind to avoid our own culpability. Washington Post