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Records show the coal mining company formerly run by David Zatezalo retaliated against a foreman who complained of harassment and unsafe conditions. more…

Hundreds of Victorian doctors and medical staff are pressuring their super funds to quit investing in coal and oil for the sake of health, as they did with tobacco five years ago. more…

Congressional Republicans have found a way to use the federal budget to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling— and they don’t plan on stopping there. more…

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17 million in US live near active oil or gas wells.

More than 17 million people in the United States live within a mile of an active oil or natural gas well, according to a new study. Daily Climate

Walking the Line: A two-week journey on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Zoe Krylova

Opponents walk the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline path through five Virginia counties to celebrate what’s at risk. Daily Climate

Coal to solar switch could save 52,000 US lives per year.

Swapping out coal energy for solar would prevent 52,000 premature deaths in the United States every year. Daily Climate

After decades of decreases, mercury rises in Great Lakes wildlife.

Toxic mercury is once again increasing in some Great Lakes fish and birds after decades of consistent, promising reductions. Daily Climate


Undoing the Clean Power Plan.

EPA Director Scott Pruitt achieved a long-sought personal victory last week when he signed a measure to begin the process of repealing the Clean Power Plan, a 2015 measure aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. more…

The climate-change fire alarm from Northern California.

The day of reckoning isn’t in the future. It is now. more…

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US nuke waste repository in New Mexico will get more space.

Workers are expected to begin mining operations at the U.S. nuclear waste dump in New Mexico for the first time in three years following a radiation release that contaminated part of the underground repository, the Energy Department said Tuesday. Associated Press

Gulf of Mexico oil spill may be largest since 2010 BP disaster.

The Delta House floating production facility southeast of Venice, Louisiana, released 7,950 to 9,350 barrels of oil making it the largest spill in more than seven years, even though it’s a fraction of the millions of barrels ejected in the 2010 incident. Bloomberg News

Indigenous rights "serious obstacle" to Kinder Morgan pipeline, report says.

The controversial expansion of a pipeline that would carry tar sands crude from Alberta to British Columbia’s coast will be doomed by the rising power of Indigenous land rights. The Guardian

The end of coal will haunt the Navajo.

The fossil fuel has been an environmental threat and economic necessity for Native American tribes in Arizona. What happens when it's gone? Bloomberg News

Air pollution kills half a million people in Europe, EU agency reports.

Dirty air resulted in the premature deaths of more than 500,000 people in the European Union in 2014, the European Environment Agency reports. Deutsche Welle, Germany

Beijing philanthropist commits $1.5 billion to conservation.

In China, a culture of environmental awareness is breaking through the smog. And leading the charge is He Qiaonv, one of the country’s wealthiest women and most ardent conservationists. Bloomberg News


Jobs bonanza? The Adani project is more like a railway to nowhere.

The Carmichael coal mine was once pitched as a choice between jobs and the environment. So where are the jobs? more…

Even China is tackling climate change, while US takes a back seat.

Beijing sees an interconnected world where environmental sustainability is crucial to maintaining political support, global stability and economic growth. more…


The war on coal is over. Coal lost.

Coal can’t compete with cheaper clean energy. The Trump administration can’t save expensive, dirty energy. The Guardian

Trump says he ended the ‘war’ on coal companies. But it’s too late to save them.

The moves to save this industry have actually exposed its weaknesses — and revealed a trend that coal companies and the Trump administration have not acknowledged publicly: Despite Trump’s best efforts, the American coal industry remains on life support. Washington Post

Paris plans to banish all but electric cars by 2030.

Paris authorities plan to banish all petrol- and diesel-fueled cars from the world’s most visited city by 2030, Paris City Hall said on Thursday. Reuters

Fossil fuels win billions in public money after Paris climate deal, angry campaigners claim.

Coal, oil and gas finance from major development banks totalled $5bn in year after historic climate pact, according to estimates. The Guardian

Drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge: How the GOP could finally break the impasse.

The prospects for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas exploration are better than they have been in years. New York Times

Industry seeks legal cover with replacement rule.

As the Trump administration mulls whether to replace the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, its legal foes are already plotting creative courtroom challenges against U.S. EPA and directly against utilities. ClimateWire

Solutions and Good News

A small firm in Germany has big ambitions in green energy.

Consumers have spent about 190 billion euros on sources like wind and solar, which account for about one-third of the country’s electric power. New York Times

Self-driving cars could ease traffic, but increase sprawl.

A new study inspired by Boston's early experiments with self-driving cars finds that the technology could ease congestion, but might also lead to more cars on the road and further encourage urban sprawl. Associated Press

Web of Australian Adani solar companies leads to offshore tax havens.

Adani has spread its use of offshore tax havens to its Australian solar projects, providing another avenue that could allow the wealthy Indian family behind the transnational to legally minimise tax paid on income from local operations. The Guardian

Our cities need fewer cars, not cleaner cars.

Electric cars won’t eradicate gridlocks and air pollution, but carbon footprints could be cut by favouring pedestrians, cyclists and mass transit. The Guardian

World petrol demand 'likely to peak by 2030 as electric car sales rise.'

World petrol demand will peak within 13 years thanks to the impact of electric cars and more efficient engines, energy experts have predicted. The Guardian

The Texas town where all the energy is green.

Georgetown mayor Dale Ross is ‘a good little Republican’ – but ever since his city weaned itself off fossil fuels, he has become a hero to environmentalists. The Guardian


Boom in American liquified natural gas is shaking up the energy world.

A shale gas drilling boom over the last decade has propelled the United States from energy importer to exporter, taking the country a giant leap toward the goal of energy independence declared by presidents for half a century. New York Times

How Cheniere Energy decided to take a gamble on liquified natural gas.

The company opened a plant to export L.N.G. from the United States and will open a second in 2019 — for a combined price tag of $30 billion. New York Times

NT Indigenous leaders tell Prime Minister to back off over fracking.

Indigenous leaders from across the Northern Territory are calling on the Gunner Government to not give in to pressure from the Prime Minister by overturning its fracking moratorium. ABC News Online, Australia

Fracking in Scotland could be banned indefinitely.

Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said that an existing moratorium on fracking from 2015 that put planning approvals in the country on hold for unconventional oil and gas extraction, including fracking, would continue “indefinitely”. Epoch Times


Trump’s mine-safety nominee ran coal firm cited for illegal employment practices.

Records show the coal mining company formerly run by David Zatezalo retaliated against a foreman who complained of harassment and unsafe conditions. ProPublica

Coal plant closures are coming to Texas. Now what?

If anyone needed a reminder of the breadth of change coming to the power sector, Vistra Energy Corp. offered a big one last week. EnergyWire

'Tide has turned': Global rating agency says climate economics trump politics.

S&P analyst calls the economic viability of assets such as coal mines and coal-fired power stations "vastly impaired." Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Coal country is finding little relief in Trump's climate actions.

Every morning is filled with anxiety in this hardscrabble town so intertwined with the fortunes of its hulking coal power plant that a drawing of the facility is emblazoned on the community’s police force emblem. Los Angeles Times

Energy and climate

Some groups want more CO2. Here's what that means.

A key argument used by climate skeptics to downplay the consequences of anthropogenic climate change is resurfacing: the idea that carbon dioxide emissions are a net positive for the planet's vegetation. ClimateWire

Malcolm Turnbull convinces party to unite on energy policy.

Malcolm Turnbull has secured party room backing to impose new reliability and emissions reduction guarantees on energy retailers and large energy users from 2020. The Guardian

US regulator hints at changes to plan boosting coal, nuclear plants.

The head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said on Tuesday that a directive from the U.S. energy secretary to prop up struggling nuclear and coal power plants has initiated an important conversation, but hinted the agency may not pass the plan without changes. Reuters

Senate Democrats vow to fight drilling in Alaska reserve.

U.S. Senate Democrats vowed on Tuesday to fight a measure expected to be slipped into budget legislation that would open Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Reserve to oil and gas drilling, saying it would destroy one of earth’s remaining paradises. Reuters