A Fisherman’s Fears: The threat of seismic testing on the North Carolina coast

As President Obama pulls the plug on offshore drilling off the Atlantic Coast, a North Carolina fisherman illustrates the magnitude of the decision 

March 15, 2016

By Catherine Orr and Elena Rue
Environmental Health News

Dewey Hemilright is a commercial fisherman and has been fishing off the North Carolina coast for more than 20 years. In 2010 President Obama proposed opening the southeast Atlantic coast to offshore drilling—an announcement that drew considerable angst and anger from coastal communities and residents like Hemilright.

On Tuesday, citing objection from those communities among other reasons, the Obama administration changed course and said it would keep the drilling moratorium in place through 2022.

It was a victory, in many respects, for the "little guys"—mom-and-pop bait shops, vacation rental outfits, seafood restaurants. Oil spills weren't even the first concern; seismic testing to determine drilling spots was a major worry. Here's Hemilright's story about the livelihood of his community.

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