This site is powered by Siderean Software's Seamark faceted navigation engine, a powerful new approach to website content searching. These new tools make it much easier to find data buried within complex databases.

Here's a quick overview of the navigation interface.




standard text search

You can always search the traditional way by using the text search box at the upper right.

[The images are screen shots of the archive page.]

facets and topics

The pane along the left of the archive page, shown to the left (reduced) provides a new way to explore the data. All of the entries in the database have been classified in a series of major categories, called Facets, and then by subcategories within the Facets, labeled Topics.

The categorization is hierarchical. For example, within the topic "Birth Defect" (in the Human health condition facet), there are additional subcategories including "Cleft palate/lip," "Neural tube," urogenital," etc., which you will see when you click on "Birth Defect."


The screenshot to the right shows what happens when you click on "Birth defect".

Your search criteria become "Human health condition: birth defect"

The window refreshes showing the subcategories under "Birth defect." And the string describing the current search criteria (top) expand to show that you are looking at items within that subcategory.

The numbers beside each subcategory indicate how many articles in the database have been assigned to "Birth defect" and to each other subcategory simultaneously.

So at the time of this screen shot, 7 articles were assigned both to "Birth defect" and "Editorial."

search criteria
  Each time you click on a subcategory, you add a term to the search criteria, thus further narrowing the set of articles displayed.
  You can click on the x icon beside any term in the search criteria to remove it from your search.


  At any time, you can enter text into the search boxes. This text search refines your current search criteria, as opposed to the text search at the top right of the page, which searches the entire database.
  To start a completely new search, click on "or start over."

A note about categorization: Our editors review the category assignments made by our indexing engine, but sometimes you will encounter articles that don't have all the appropriate category assignments. Using the text searches may be helpful in finding some articles. Feedback is always welcome.

Siderean shows several examples of other databases organized using this method on their website. One of the demos is an animated "navigation walkthrough."