Changes at Environmental Health News

Nov. 17, 2014

On January 1, Environmental Health News and its sister site, The Daily Climate, will undergo a streamlining and redesign. The focus of the websites will shift away from generating in-depth reporting and toward commentary and perspective on important daily happenings in the world of environmental health, energy and climate change.

The renewed sites will reflect the fast-changing nature of information and journalism on environmental issues. Thousands of people rely daily on our web-based aggregation and free newsletters compiling the best news from mainstream media. Those will continue, and throughout the course of 2015 both Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate will offer new products and services to put that news stream in context.

These changes, prompted by funding problems, will require reductions in staffing, including the elimination of four editor and assistant-editor positions. Our staff of part-time researchers, who aggregate more than 50,000 stories per year for our pages, will be reduced as we automate and streamline our processes. The revolution in the way information is gathered, analyzed and disseminated on the Web requires changes in web-based, nonprofit news.

Several changes in both sites' core leadership will change as of January 1:

Peter Dykstra, publisher of both Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate, will switch to a part-time role, overseeing a new weekend edition featuring analysis commentary and the week's top news.

Marla Cone, editor-in-chief of Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate, will no longer serve in that capacity because the position has been eliminated. Enterprise journalism as practiced by the two news sites will be spun off into a separate entity, and we are launching an effort to secure separate funding for the world-class work that she has led and produced here.

Douglas Fischer, editor of The Daily Climate, will oversee the development of news products and services for Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate. Pete Myers, founder, chief scientist and CEO of Environmental Health Sciences, will continue in that position, as will Todd Koym, chief technology officer.

Weekday publication will continue, as will delivery of our daily newsletters. Both have enjoyed rapid growth in recent years. We expect that our re-launch will help that to continue.

Our deepest gratitude goes to our funders and readers, and of course to our remarkable staff. Through this transition, in 2015 and beyond, we look forward to continuing to provide you with the world's environment and climate news.

Please direct any questions or comments to Peter Dykstra at