Karen Kidd, Ph.D.

Karen Kidd
Professor and Canada Research Chair
University of New Brunswick, Biology Department
Mercury; Fish contaminants; Biomagnification in food chains; Estrogens and aquatic organisms; Endocrine disruption in fish
kiddk@unbsj.ca / 506-648-5809

Karen Kidd, Ph.D., looks at the big picture in her research as a Canada Research Chair and biology professor at the University of New Brunswick in in Saint John, NB, Canada. She uses her background in aquatic ecology and toxicology to understand how pollutants, such as pesticides and metals, from municipal and industrial effluents, aquaculture and agricultural runoff concentrate through freshwater food webs to reach levels that can be harmful to invertebrates, wildlife and human health. Notably, she led a whole lake experiment showing the devastating effects estrogens in birth control pills have on fish populations.