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Lobby group tied to Koch Brothers, Brexit, climate deniers pushes 'strong pro-corporate agenda'.

A new lobby group has appeared in Europe claiming to represent "consumers." But a closer look reveals it is actually backed by some familiar groups known for their efforts to weaken climate and environmental regulations. DeSmogBlog

The immense, eternal footprint humanity leaves on Earth: Plastics.

If human civilization were to be destroyed and its cities wiped off the map, there would be an easy way for future intelligent life-forms to know when the mid-20th century began: plastic. New York Times

Where else does the U.S. have an infrastructure problem? Antarctica.

At McMurdo Station, black volcanic dust boils off unpaved roads, sticking to trucks and buildings. People eat canned vegetables, sleep in windowless rooms and routinely wear 20 pounds of clothes to survive temperatures far below freezing. New York Times

Fighting climate change could trigger a massive financial crash.

The great crash of 2023 made the 2007 financial crisis look like a blip. It was triggered by US president Bernie Sanders signing emergency measures to slash carbon emissions. New Scientist

Australia seeks to extend commercial fishing in protected waters.

Australia plans to allow fishing across 80 percent of its protected maritime sanctuaries, the government said on Friday in a proposal that would vastly extend commercial activity in the world's largest marine-reserves network. New York Times

Editor comments: This emphasizes the perceived conflicts between marine conservation and sport or commercial fishing; it also threatens to undermine that concept of marine sanctuaries as saltwater national parks.   Imagine a commercial bison hunt in Yellowstone....-PD

A whopping 91% of plastic isn't recycled.

Billions of tons of plastic have been made over the past decades, and much of it is becoming trash and litter, finds the first analysis of the issue. National Geographic News

Dancing with denial: Rick Perry sways on climate change.

Rick Perry has danced his way back into the climate denial camp. At his Senate confirmation hearing earlier this year, the secretary of energy admitted that the climate is changing and that “some of it is caused by man-made activity.” Texas Observer, Texas

Something, anything: How California’s cap and trade got extended, in three political acts.

Opening Scene: A law firm office, April flowers blooming outside the window. Close up on a document showing what Western States Petroleum Association wants in any deal to extend cap and trade. Daily Kos

The coal disillusion in Asia.

India, adding 8.8GW in new solar capacity this year, will overtake Japan as the third largest solar market worldwide after China and the US. Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh

Editor comments: Thanks to Zulker Naeen for pointing us to this article. -DF

Should a healthy environment be a human right?

Do we have a fundamental right to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat safe food? The idea of environmental human rights is receiving growing attention worldwide, driven by our global ecological crisis. But the United States has lagged behind in codifying these rights into laws and in successfully furthering them. Huntington Herald-Dispatch, West Virginia

Circular economy isn't a magical fix for our environmental woes.

The circular economy vision vision ignores the fact that on a finite planet endless economic growth is not an option. The Guardian

Editor comments: At this moment in the evolution of our civilization, we are mislead by rose-tinted green growth optimism.  We need clear-eyed realism. -JPM

Climate warrior? Champion of 'Big Oil'? Canada's leader wants to be both.

For a lot of Americans these days, Justin Trudeau is the anti-Donald Trump, especially on things like climate change. Public Radio International

Worst drought in 16 years threatens food supplies in North Korea – U.N.

North Korea is facing severe food shortages due to the worst drought since 2001 with food imports needed to ensure children and the elderly do not go hungry, the United Nations' food agency said on Thursday. Reuters

Scaramucci once said it’s ‘disheartening’ that many dismiss climate change. Then he took a job with Trump.

Before he was an adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, the president’s new White House communications director, lamented that some people did not accept the consensus among climate scientists that human activity was warming Earth. It was “disheartening” that so many people dismissed climate change as a “hoax,” Scaramucci tweeted. Washington Post

Editor comments: Daily Climate pointed out Mr. Scaramucci's strategic 180° seven months ago.

Pepsico, Unilever and Nestlé accused of complicity in illegal rainforest destruction.

Palm oil plantations on illegally deforested land in Sumatra – home to elephants, orangutans and tigers – have allegedly been used to supply scores of household brands, says new report. The Guardian

The world’s most-populated city, Shanghai, just had its hottest day in recorded history.

On Friday, the 24-million-plus inhabitants of Shanghai witnessed the temperature skyrocket to 105.6 degrees (40.9 Celsius), its hottest day ever recorded. Washington Post

Emails show Iraq War PR alums led attempt to discredit Dakota Access protesters.

Behind the scenes, as law enforcement officials tried to stem protests against the Dakota Access pipeline, alumni from the George W. Bush White House were leading a crisis communications effort to discredit pipeline protesters. DeSmogBlog

How Trump signed a global death warrant for women.

With one devastating flourish of the presidential pen, worldwide progress on family planning, population growth and reproductive rights was swept away. Now some of the world’s poorest women must count the cost. The Guardian

Microbeads ban: UK government to outlaw microplastics in cosmetic products.

Any kind of 'rinse-off' personal care and cosmetic products are affected, but not 'leave-on' make-up or sunscreen after industry complaints about the cost. The Independent, United Kingdom

A healthy ocean needs viruses.

The word virus conjures up hard-to-shake colds and swine flu, but these tiny microbes are far more than just the culprits behind annoying human ailments. They play an integral role in life on the planet, and a new study has shown that for marine viruses, that role is more complex than we thought. Hakai Magazine

Open burns, ill winds.

The Pentagon’s handling of munitions and their waste has poisoned millions of acres, and left Americans to guess at the threat to their health. ProPublica HuffPost

Kingston coal ash spill workers treated as 'expendables,' lawsuit by sick and dying contends.

More than 50 coal ash spill cleanup workers and workers' survivors are suiing Jacobs Engineering for unsafe working conditions that they allege lead to sickness and death at the cleanup site. Knoxville News Sentinel, Tennessee

Trial set for 2018 in lawsuit by ash spill cleanup workers.

The lawsuit brought by dying workers at the Kingston ash spill nearly died itself. Knoxville News Sentinel, Tennessee

Kaboom town.

The U.S. military burns millions of pounds of munitions in a tiny, African-American corner of Louisiana. The town’s residents say they’re forgotten in the plume. ProPublica

Trump to tap coal lobbyist, industry attorney for top EPA posts.

President Trump is expected to nominate a coal lobbyist and an energy industry attorney for a pair of key posts at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Hill, District of Columbia

Interior Dept. ordered Glacier park chief, other climate expert pulled from Zuckerberg tour.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg flew to Glacier National Park on Saturday to tour the melting ice fields that have become the poster child for climate change’s effects on Montana’s northern Rockies. Washington Post

Trump administration seeks to sidestep border wall environmental study: sources.

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol plans to use a 2005 anti-terror law to sidestep an environmental impact study for a section of President Donald Trump's border wall that will pass through a Texas national refuge for endangered ocelots, according to two government sources familiar with the matter. Reuters

Lake Borgne barge gate riskiest gate in East Bank levee system, consultant says.

The huge, floating concrete barge gate that closes half of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway as part of the Lake Borgne Surge Barrier poses the greatest flooding danger to residents living behind the east bank's hurricane levee system among the system's nine major gates, according to a new study released Thursday (July 20). New Orleans Times-Picayune, Louisiana

Editor comments: Consultants, and reporters, have tried to alert Louisiana to potential disasters for years.  Will this one take?-PD

Is global warming changing the Southwest monsoon?

An international research team says monsoon storms in the Southwest have become less frequent but more intense, bringing more extreme wind and rain to central and southwestern Arizona than just a few decades ago. Summit County Citizens Voice, Colorado

L.A. Metro wants to spend $138 million on electric buses. The goal: An emission-free fleet by 2030.

Southern California’s biggest transit agency retired its last diesel bus six years ago, capping a 15-year process to replace tailpipes that belched black smoke with quieter, cleaner engines powered by natural gas. Now, Los Angeles County transportation leaders are working toward a bolder goal: buses that don’t pollute at all. Los Angeles Times

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