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Cold food, hot air.

EPA helps supermarkets switch to refrigerants that save money and lessen global warming. ClimateWire

A rich person’s profession? Young conservationists struggle to make it.

The field of conservation may be hemorrhaging passionate, qualified, and innovative young people. Mongabay

Air getting cleaner at Los Angeles, Long Beach ports, reports show.

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach reduced pollution while moving more cargo last year, according to new reports released this week. Long Beach Press-Telegram, California

Australia emits mercury at double the global average.

A report released this week by advocacy group Environmental Justice Australia presents a confronting analysis of toxic emissions from Australia’s coal-fired power plants. The Conversation, Australia

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Intense storms may diminish protective ozone in Central US.


Stronger storms over the Great Plains—likely induced by climate change—may be chipping away at the key life-protecting layer of our atmosphere. Daily Climate

Coal to solar switch could save 52,000 US lives per year.

Swapping out coal energy for solar would prevent 52,000 premature deaths in the United States every year. Daily Climate

Hog poop bacteria from big NC farms taints nearby homes.

Brian Bienkowski

As the state bats around a bill shielding hog farms from some nuisance lawsuits, new evidence filed in court last week finds harmful bacteria on homes near large confinement farms. Environmental Health News

Respect the elderly: Saving cities’ oldest trees.

Daniel Axler

Old growth forests are increasingly rare in U.S. cities—protecting these health-boosting relics from bulldozers, invasives and apathy is no easy feat. Environmental Health News

Carbon dioxide may worsen hog farmworkers’ breathing problems.

Brian Bienkowski

Hog farm dust already hurts farmworker lungs—new research says elevated CO2 could make it worse. Environmental Health News


The death of the internal combustion engine.

It had a good run. But the end is in sight for the machine that changed the world. more…

Acid rain battle must be continued.

Why should New Yorkers care about what's going on in Maryland? Because what affects Maryland also is affecting the state's vast Adirondack Park. more…

Wolf, Shapiro right to defend clean air.

No commodity is as valuable as the air we breathe. If the EPA won’t protect it, then the states must. more…

Climate and air pollution

Here’s what Indonesia is doing about haze from forest and peatland fires.

In 2015, massive fires burned across Indonesia, releasing hazardous smoke across neighboring countries. How close is the country to meeting its goal of reducing haze from future fires? Ensia

Minnesota health advocates praise increased social cost of carbon.

Public health advocates say Minnesota utility regulators’ decision last month to increase the social cost of carbon will be important for dealing with the negative health impacts of climate change. Midwest Energy News, United States

Air pollution deaths expected to rise because of climate change.

New research predicts that air pollution worsened by climate change will cost tens of thousands of lives if changes are not made. CBS News

The tricked-out research planes that fly through wildfires.

The only way to know exactly what’s in a wildfire’s smoke is to sample straight from the haze. Wired


Poor air quality is the true cost of coal.

Smoky Sydney skies this week are a reminder of the cost air pollution is having on our community. While toxic emissions from coal-fired power stations go into the air we breathe, they also fly largely under the radar. more…

We’re choking on smoke in Seattle.

The city’s brown skies feel like a preview of what’s to come for everyone if we don’t address climate change. more…

Diesel has to die – there is no reverse gear on this.

Daimler says diesel is worth fighting for but there is no comeback for the toxic technology and the fight must now be to save lives. more…


Students, cities and states take the climate fight to court.

A wave of lawsuits across the world asks judges to do what governments have so far failed to do: aggressively confront global warming. New York Times

Coal lobby threatens to sue over EU clean air rules.

Euracoal accuses the European Commission of using air pollution legislation to implement climate policy, in breach of procedural rules. Climate Home

Advocates oppose EPA's delay of coal plant pollution limits.

Environmental advocates urged the Trump administration on Monday to reverse course on its move to set aside an Obama-era measure limiting water pollution from coal-fired power plants. Associated Press

Maryland's Prince George's County fights new power plants.

The five plants will bring jobs to the area—but they will also cause a rise in pollution for the predominantly Black community. Colorlines

China's air quality deteriorates due to winter pollution: Official.

Air quality in China worsened in the first half of 2017, with 338 cities including the capital Beijing on average reporting fewer clean air days due to winter pollution in January and February, an official at the Ministry of Environmental Protection said. Reuters

Ozone pollution tied to cardiovascular health: Study.

Exposure to ozone, a powerful greenhouse gas and a widespread air pollutant in many major cities, may cause cardiovascular disease such as heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke, according to a new study of Chinese adults. Xinhua News Agency, China

Solutions and Good News

The first smog-filtering bicycles will roll out in China by the end of the year.

A bike-share startup has developed a bike that can collect polluted air, purify it, and release the clean air around the cyclist. Quartz

Electric cars win? Britain to ban new petrol and diesel cars from 2040.

Britain will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040 in an attempt to reduce air pollution that could herald the end of over a century of reliance on the internal combustion engine. Reuters

Sewage rehab.

After decades of work, green chemistry may be the answer to polluted sewage. Hakai Magazine

How air pollution is being turned into ink.

The soot that comes out of a tailpipe is being used to create art. National Geographic News

Ports go electric in drive to decarbonize and cut pollution.

Led by the Port of San Diego, California’s dockyards are moving away from diesel machinery and plugging in. InsideClimate News

Living sculptures to battle Glasgow’s toxic air.

CityTree, which does the work of 275 regular trees, has been popping up in cities around the world, including Oslo, Paris, Brussels and Hong Kong. Edinburgh Scotsman, United Kingdom


Study finds Israeli power plants' efforts reduce number of deaths from air pollution.

There has been a decline in the number of people dying in Israel from diseases related to air pollution over the past decade, according to new data released by the Environmental Protection Ministry. Haaretz, Israel

China's Hebei province to meet capacity cutting targets by end of September.

China's top steel-making province has pledged to fulfil capacity cutting targets for this year in steel, cement, coal and glass by the end of September, under efforts to tackle air pollution ahead of winter, an environment official said on Wednesday. Reuters

German green group to pursue diesel bans as agreed steps inadequate.

German efforts to overcome a diesel scandal were dealt a blow on Tuesday after prosecutors widened a Volkswagen probe and a key environmental group said steps proposed by automakers to cut pollution remained inadequate. Reuters

Northern China air quality worsens in January-July.

Air quality worsened in China's northern region of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei in the first seven months of this year, piling pressure on authorities to crack down on firms in their efforts to meet politically crucial 2017 pollution targets. Reuters

Britain′s lust for burning trash sends recycling goals up in smoke.

The UK is building so many rubbish-burning facilities that it may be impossible for the country to meet its recycling targets. It's a problem across incinerator-crazed northern Europe - and could expand the trash trade. Deutsche Welle, Germany


Air pollution ups stress hormones, alters metabolism.

Breathing dirty air causes stress hormones to spike, new research suggests, which could help explain why long-term exposure to pollution is associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and a shorter life span. Reuters Health

Three billion people cook over open fires ― with deadly consequences.

In Guatemala, locally made cookstoves are helping combat toxic smoke—but economics and tradition keep many people from using them. National Geographic Magazine

Mapping West Oakand pollution, block by block.

West Oakland has had an air pollution problem for years, and it’s taken a toll on residents. San Francisco KALW Public Radio, California

A legacy of environmental racism.

Exxon Mobil is still pumping toxics into a black community in Texas 17 years after a civil rights complaint. The Intercept The Investigative Fund

To reduce exposure to pollution on your commute, crank the air conditioning.

New research suggests the best way to minimize your pollution exposure on the commute to and from work is to crank the air conditioning in your vehicle. United Press International

New study finds higher air pollution at school drop-off zones.

Kids are getting more than just a ride at school drop-off zones, according to research from the University of Toronto. Metro Canada